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The 7 Best Cross-Play Games Worth Buying

by Staff


When you play most multiplayer games online, you’re limited to competing against others on the same platform as you. However, that’s starting to change as more games add support for cross-platform play.

Cross-platform support has several benefits, such as providing more people to play against and letting you join up with friends on other systems. Here are some of the best games with cross-platform multiplayer you can buy today.

A Note on PlayStation 4 Cross-Play

For some time, Sony has stood vehemently against the idea of cross-play. However, Sony now supports cross-play on PlayStation 4. But because this only happened in late September 2018, the feature is still in the works for many games.

Thus, most of the PS4 games that feature cross-play only let you connect with PC players at the time of writing. We’ll hopefully see this improve in the future, but for now, the Xbox One is the best console for cross-play support.

1. Fortnite

Cross-play on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Android, iOS

Fortnite is one of the big battle royale games that has taken the world by storm. And it’s also the king of cross-platform play. Currently, it’s the only game that lets players on every available platform play together.

While Fortnite has a PvE mode titled Save the World, Fortnite’s insane popularity comes from its free Battle Royale offering. This pits 100 players against each other in singles, duos, or squads of 3-4 in a battle of survival. After dropping onto an island from a flying bus, you must pick up weapons and supplies, plus build a variety of structures, to defeat your opponents.

As the match progresses, the map shrinks, forcing you to fight. The last player (or team) standing wins.

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Download: Fortnite Battle Royale for Windows/Mac | PS4 | Xbox One | Nintendo Switch | Android | iOS

2. Rocket League

Cross-play on: PC, Xbox One, Switch | PC and PS4

Rocket League was an early pioneer for cross-platform play, and still enjoys this support. Notably, it was free for PlayStation Plus subscribers when it launched on PS4 in July 2015, which played a large part in its success.

The game is essentially soccer with super-powered RC cars. In matches that are one-on-one all the way up to four-on-four, you control a small rocket-powered car and try to hit a big ball into your opponent’s goal.

Aside from the main game which also offers competitive play online, you’ll find modes based on hockey and basketball. There’s also plenty of customization if you’re into that.

It’s a simple game, but a lot of fun, and has enjoyed success in the eSports scene. Despite the PS4 playing a big part in its launch, though, PS4 players can only cross-play with those on PC.

To get more from the game, check out the best Rocket League mods for PC.

Buy: Rocket League for Windows/Mac/Linux | PS4 | Xbox One | Nintendo Switch

3. Minecraft

Cross-play on: PC, Xbox One, Switch, Android, iOS

Minecraft needs no introduction; it’s the second best-selling game of all time behind Tetris. The sandbox building game, initially released in 2011 for PC, has since made its way to pretty much every platform imaginable.

The Better Together update in September 2017 enabled cross-play for most platforms. PS4 owners are left out of the fun for now, though hopefully Sony’s revised cross-play stance will change this.

Playing Minecraft with friends on other platforms lets you explore, survive, build, and more in massive worlds.

Buy: Minecraft for Windows 10 | Xbox One | Nintendo Switch | Android | iOS

4. Ark: Survival Evolved

Cross-play on: PC, Xbox One

Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the best action survival games that tasks you with surviving on an island full of dinosaurs and other threats. Playing with others online lets you work together in a tribe, or take down hostile players.

The game has been available in Early Access on Steam since June 2015, with a full launch in August 2017. Ark is also available for PS4, Android, and iOS, and a Switch version is set to release in November 2018. But those platforms don’t support cross-play.

You’ll need to install the Microsoft Store version of Ark for cross-platform play; the Steam version doesn’t support it.

Buy: Ark: Survival Evolved for PC | Xbox One

5. Chess Ultra

Cross-play on: PC, Xbox One, Switch | PC and PS4

Not every cross-platform game needs to be epic. Chess Ultra is a well-reviewed way to play one of the world’s favorite games digitally. In addition to gorgeous visuals, it includes AI approved by chess Grandmasters, puzzles to solve, historical matches you can replay, and tutorials to help you improve at chess.

If you don’t like chess, there’s not much for you here. But for chess fans who don’t have anyone to play against offline, this is a great way to get your fix.

Buy: Chess Ultra for PC | PS4 ($13) | Xbox One | Switch

6. Trailblazers

Cross-play on: PC, Xbox One, Switch | PC and PS4

Trailblazers is what you’d get if you combined the colorful antics of Splatoon and the high-speed racing of F-Zero.

Its unique mechanic is that as you race, you paint the track with your team’s color. In turn, that color helps your teammates to go faster. This leads to lots of opportunities to work together and outsmart your opponents. It’s a great choice if standard racing games bore you.

As with most of the games on this list, PS4 players are limited to cross-platform play with PC as of November 2018.

Buy: Trailblazers for PC | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch

7. Sea of Thieves

Cross-play on: PC, Xbox One

Sea of Thieves is an open world action game created by legendary developer Rare. In it, you and a group of friends sail the high seas and man the roles involved in sailing a ship. Taking on quests lets you collect loot and fight other players you encounter in the shared world.

This title is exclusive to PC and Xbox One. And thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere, you can install both versions from one purchase. While it received mixed reviews at launch, the game still has a dedicated fanbase and has added more things to do since release.

Buy: Sea of Thieves for PC/Xbox One

What Games Will You Play Next?

This is just a sampling of the awesome cross-play games available across a variety of genres. PC and Xbox One players enjoy the most cross-platform compatibility, but nearly anyone can join in the fun.

Hopefully in the near future, we’ll see more games add support for cross-play. This should keep multiplayer communities from dying out quickly after release.

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