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Tidal Launches Curated “My Mix” Playlists

by Dave Parrack

Where Spotify leads, others follow. One of Spotify’s best features are its curated playlists that populate with songs that the streaming service’s algorithms think you’ll like, and they’re usually spot-on. So it’s no wonder the competition is copying the idea.

In September 2018, Pandora copied Spotify with The Drop, a playlist comprised of new songs by artists you like. And now Tidal is getting in on the action with what it calls My Mix. The idea being to save Tidal users from having to find new music for themselves.

Tidal Hopes My Mix Will Keep People Listening

Tidal describes My Mix as “a personalized curation of songs that offers an easy way to enjoy more of the music you love.” It’s “personalized to your specific listening habits […] based on your most recent listening patterns and what’s saved to your collection.”

Each user will receive up to six playlists containing a maximum of 50 songs apiece. These will be grouped by genre or artist, hence the need for up to six different playlists per person. If you have a very narrow taste in music you might only get one playlist.

The key thing is that these playlists will be continually updated. Essentially, the more music you listen to, the more Tidal can finetune your My Mix playlists. Once you’re happy with Tidal’s selections you can save each playlist to your collection.

Tidal Catches Up With the Competition

My Mix is essentially Tidal’s take on Spotify’s Daily Mix, which have been a thing since 2016. Apple Music also offers a similar feature with its For You playlists. So this is less about Tidal innovating as it is about Tidal catching up with the competition.

We weren’t exactly impressed when Tidal launched in 2015. However, since then Tidal has become more appealing to audiophiles and partnered with Plex. So it can’t be all bad. My Mix adds another reason to give Tidal a second look to see if it’s worth the money.

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