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Netflix Wants the Bird Box Challenge to Die

by Dave Parrack

Netflix is loving the fact that millions of people have watched Bird Box. However, the streaming service isn’t quite so enamored with the Bird Box Challenge. And YouTube isn’t keen either, as it’s actively removing some Bird Box Challenge videos.

What Is the Bird Box Challenge?

The Bird Box Challenge is based on Bird Box, a Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock. The film follows Bullock’s character as she leads two children through a forest. The twist being they’re all blindfolded to avoid supernatural entities who scare people to death.

The Bird Box Challenge takes that core idea and runs with it. The challenge being to blindfold yourself and venture outdoors. Some YouTubers have allegedly done this for 24 hours, while others have taken it a step further by involving their children as well.

Netflix Discourages the Bird Box Challenge

Suffice to say Netflix isn’t particularly keen on the Bird Box Challenge. As much as these memes help publicize the film, if someone were to get injured while wandering around blindfolded this wouldn’t do Netflix much good in the PR department. Hence this tweet.

While Netflix isn’t telling anyone not to do the Bird Box Challenge, the streaming service is suggesting you bear your own personal safety in mind at all times. So, walking around your own backyard is probably fine, but crossing a busy highway wouldn’t be the best idea.

Who Remembers the Tide Pod Challenge?

YouTube is also cracking down on the Bird Box Challenge by removing videos. These are the Bird Box Challenge videos YouTube deems to be contrary to its Community Guidelines. So if you see a video of someone taking their blindfolded child for a stroll, please flag it.

The Bird Box Challenge and the backlash against it is reminiscent of the Tide Pod Challenge. That meme saw people eating laundry detergent and then wondering why it was making them sick. Kids, don’t imitate Sandra Bullock and don’t eat detergent. Please.

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