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The 9 Best Google Calendar Alternatives for Time Management

by Megan Ellis

As much as some people may swear by Google Calendar, when it comes to managing your time and schedules, it isn’t for everyone. But where can you look for a suitable alternative?

We tried out a variety of different calendar apps that don’t require you to set up a new email account. The goal was to find the ones that stand out. Here are the nine best Google Calendar alternatives that will help you manage your time.

1. Edo Agenda (Web, iOS, Android)

Agenda by Edo is an all-in-one calendar solution that not only lets you keep track of events, but also tasks and to-do lists. Aimed at creative freelancers, the app is meant to help you keep track of everything you’re juggling in a simple way.

Agenda is available in both web and mobile versions. The web version can be accessed by logging into the site in your browser, while you can download the iOS or Android version on the relevant app store.

Most of its features are available for free. However, the premium version gives subscribers enhanced integration between different types of tasks, dates, and events.

If you’re looking for a well-designed, sleek calendar app that works on multiple platforms, Agenda may be the right one for you.

Download: Agenda for Android | iOSWeb (Free, Premium version available)

2. Cal (Android, iOS)

Cal is the standalone calendar app from the creators of the Any.do task management app. While the standard Any.do app has a calendar feature, Cal is the best option if you’re looking for a standalone app that is focused on keeping track of dates and your agenda.

One of the unique features of Cal is the ability to pin the location of an event for easy navigation. When it’s time to leave, you can simply click on the pinned location to navigate there using Google Maps.

You can also set reminders for events, sync calendars from different email accounts, and attach notes to particular events. Cal is one of the more design-focused calendar apps out there, with a clean and visually-appealing design. You can even set photo themes for your days and events.

The app is available for both Android and iOS, but your calendar can also be accessed on the Any.do website. However, this takes you to the full Any.do service.

Download: Cal for Android | iOS (Free)

3. TimeBlocks (Android, iOS, Web)

TimeBlocks is a multi-platform calendar and to-do list app that helps you manage your time. It has an appealing design, with a sleek appearance that makes it easy to view your events. You can even color-code them according to different categories.

A fun feature is the ability to assign stickers to certain days. This helps you recognize the event at a quick glance. For example, you can use a cake for birthdays or a bag for travel plans. You can also add your Google Photos account to browse photos taken on specific dates.

TimeBlocks is free, but certain premium features are only accessible if bought individually within the app or with a premium subscription.

Download: TimeBlocks for Android | iOS | Web (Free, Premium version available)

4. TimeTree (Android, iOS, Web)

TimeTree is a free, multi-platform calendar app that focuses on the ability to share different calendars with different groups of people such as family or friends. You can create different event calendars within the app, such as a calendar for personal or workplace events.

While you can have different calendars with different events, you can view everything on your daily agenda in the My Schedule or Feed tab. This means that despite having multiple calendars for different purposes, you can still view your schedule in a simple way.

TimeTree is a great calendar app for those who want to keep work and personal calendars separate but maintain the ability to share and visualize your schedule easily.

Download: TimeTree for Android | iOS | Web (Free)

5. Jorte (Android, iOS)

Jorte’s defining feature is the level of customization available to users. Not only can you significantly tweak the appearance of the app with themes and colors, but you can also select the kinds of events you want to track. For example, you can select which global or religion-specific holidays you want to be tracked in your calendar. This includes events such as music releases, international festivals, and sports events.

You can also highlight important dates and events and add weather information. You can even integrate content from news websites into the app.

With so much customization though, the app interface can appear a bit cluttered. Nevertheless, its personalization features earned it an Editors’ Choice badge on the Play Store. The free version offers in-app purchases for extra personalization. However, there is also a premium version available for a monthly subscription.

Download: Jorte for iOS | Android (Free, Premium subscription available)

6. Business Calendar 2 (Android)

Business Calendar 2 is the new, improved version of the original Business Calendar app. It brings a new design, customizable calendars, and task management. You can sync the app with existing calendars in Outlook and Gmail, as well as your phone’s calendar.

The integration of task lists makes it easy to see both your schedule and the things you need to get done on certain days. Like other calendar apps, you can also sync national holiday calendars too.

The app also includes specific calendar categories you can view separately, such as birthdays and anniversaries. The premium version of the app unlocks more theme options and a few extra special features.

Download: Business Calendar 2 for Android (Free, Premium version available)

7. DigiCal (Android)

Another Android-only calendar, DigiCal offers a high level of customization and the ability to subscribe to multiple types of events. This includes traditional calendars such as local national holidays and religious calendars, but also more uncommon calendars such as lunar cycles.

The inclusion of weather information is a handy feature when looking at your week. It allows you to see your agenda, tasks, and the type of weather to expect in one place. This means you don’t have to switch between different apps.

The premium version of DigiCal unlocks further theme customization and a snooze option. However, the free version is a well-rounded calendar app that does everything you need it to.

Download: DigiCal for Android (Free, Premium version available)

8. Fantastical 2 (iOS, Mac)

Fantastical 2 is an app that is equal parts smart, convenient, and flexible—everything a busy individual could want. Installing this app allows you to take control and manage your Mac calendar from the menu bar. It’s optimized for use with smaller screens too.

Other features include the ability to add URLs and locations to events, search functionality within the calendar, and integration with other calendar services. Its ability to recognize natural language means that you can add calendar events with simple voice commands.

Its design is like the clean, sleek appearance Mac users have come to expect from their software.

If you want to give it a try, you can also take advantage of Fantastical 2’s free trial period.

Download: Fantastical 2 for iOS ($1.99) | Mac ($24.99, Free Trial available)

9. Microsoft Calendar (Windows)

microsoft calendar desktop app

If you want a free, desktop PC calendar app for Windows 10, look no further than Microsoft’s Calendar app. This app is already bundled with the OS so there’s no need to download it.

Calendar has more than enough tools to satisfy most people’s calendar needs. These include reminders, email integration, and various customization options. It has a simple, clean interface that looks better than many of the paid alternatives available on the Windows Store.

You can also sync various account calendars, including those stored in your Google, Outlook, and iCloud accounts.

Manage Your Time With the Right Apps

It’s not only your daily schedule that can be managed using apps. In fact, there are a variety of tools out there that will make you more productive by helping you to manage your time.

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