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Google Launches a Lightweight Google Photos Alternative

by Dave Parrack

Google has launched Gallery Go, a lightweight alternative to Google Photos. While announced by Google for Nigeria, and primarily designed for users in developing countries, Google Go is available worldwide on Android. So it’s worth checking out.

Gallery Go is essentially Google Photos Lite, offering a less resource-heavy option for smartphone owners. Lightweight apps are becoming commonplace, as evidenced by Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, and even Spotify Lite, which launched in July 2019.

Gallery Go vs. Google Photos

Google announced Gallery Go on The Keyword. The company describes Gallery Go as “a photo gallery, designed to work offline, that uses machine learning to automatically organize and make your photos look their best.” Hence the Google Photos comparison.

Gallery Go automatically organizes your photos, sorting them into folders around the people, places, and things you shoot. This happens on your phone, meaning you don’t need to be connected to the internet. Which is an upgrade from Google Photos.

Gallery Go also offers some simple-to-use editing tools, such as auto-enhance. You can also apply number of different filters, and rotate and crop your images. And when you’re done, you can create folders and copy your photos across to an SD card.

Unlike Google Photos, Gallery Go is designed to work offline. It’s also just a 10MB download, which is much smaller than Google Photos. Gallery Go is currently only available on Android, for devices running Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher.

Download: Google Go on Android

Other Google Photos Alternatives

As previously mentioned, Google Go has been developed with users in developing countries in mind. However, it’s available worldwide, so if you have been looking for a lightweight Google Photos alternative, Google Go could be right up your street.

We consider Google Photos to be one of the best photo managers around, although there are plenty of Google Photos alternatives worth trying. If you decide to stick with Google Photos over Gallery Go, here are the Google Photos features you may have missed.

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