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Keystone Reinvents the Mechanical Keyboard With Adaptive Typing AI

by Dave LeClair

For most people, the primary purpose of their keyboard is… typing! For a keyboard to truly be good, it’s all about making typing as comfortable as possible while maintaining as much speed and efficiency as possible.

Keystone is a new mechanical keyboard that aims to reinvent all the key aspects of typing. Rather than just making things more comfortable, it actively works with you to get stuff done faster.

It all sounds quite promising, and if all of the planned features happen, this might be a keyboard that both people using their computer for work and play will need to keep on their radar.

What Makes Keystone Stand Out?

Input Club, the company behind the Keystone keyboard, is really pushing the fact that its device can detect how far down a user presses the keys and how hard they tend to press them. With this technology, a whole slew of new features become available.

Using Adaptive AI, the Keystone is able to tell how hard and far users press the keys, and it will adjust how far you need to press the key to send a signal to the PC. For heavy-handed users, this will prevent accidental keystrokes. For light typists, it’ll make it so users don’t need to push the keys down any harder than they’re comfortable with.

Ideally, this will also limit the amount of pain typists experience as they will be able to use the keyboard in exactly the way that’s comfortable for them.

This feature also applies to gamers, as the same pressure-sensing features will apply there. Since gamers tend to spend hours at a time sitting behind their keyboard, this can prove to be a big deal.

Pressure-sensing is also useful for performing a variety of functions on the keyboard. For example, pressing down halfway can do one thing, while pressing a key fully would do something else.

The keyboard is also fully programmable, so creators will be able to customize keys based on what they need, including the use of macros.

Some other things worth noting about Keystone include swappable SILO switches, multiple levels of clickiness, programmable RGB lighting, and super-fast response time.

Keystone Availability

Input Club is seeking funding for its new mechanical keyboard on Kickstarter. It has far exceeded its funding goal already, so it should find its way into the hands of backers soon enough, assuming the manufacturing process goes smoothly.

Backers interested in ordering a Keystone keyboard for themselves can do so starting at $149. The price varies depending on the mechanical switches, whether you choose a tenkeyless (TLK) model or a full-size model, among other options.

As with all Kickstarter projects, there are certain risks involved for backers, so make sure you’re aware before you jump in and throw down your hard-earned cash.

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