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Waze Now Lets You Carpool With More People

by Dave Parrack

Waze has experimented with carpooling since 2016, but is now upping the ante. Since its relaunch in 2018, Waze Carpool has only allowed drivers to pick up one passenger at a time. However, you can now add multiple passengers to a Waze Carpool.

What Is Waze Carpool and Carpooling?

Waze Carpool is a standalone app designed to help people carpool. The driver and passengers are matched based on various criteria, including the route and time of day of travel. The app then splits the cost of gas, and is used to manage the payment.

Carpooling has several benefits. It reduces the number of cars on the road (reducing traffic congestion and pollution), reduces the cost of commuting (thanks to sharing the price of gas amongst several people), and helps you make friends in the process.

How to Add More People to Waze Carpool

As detailed in this post on Medium, Waze now lets you add more people to a carpool. All you need to do is tape the + icon to invite more riders after you’ve confirmed the first one. You can add up to four people, potentially filling every seat in your car.

Adding more riders to your carpool means saving more money on your commute. As a driver you’ll get a little extra for each rider (with the price adjusted to match the cost of gas and wear and tear). And as a passenger you’ll pay slightly less for sharing the ride.

Download: Waze Carpool on Android | iOS

Beyond Carpooling: Other Ways to Use Waze

Waze Carpool is currently available in the US, Brazil, Israel, and Mexico. It’s free to use, with Waze not taking any commission for facilitating the ride-sharing. At least for the time being. Which is a major advantage over Uber and Lyft.

Waze Carpool is a relatively new concept, but there are plenty of other ways to use Waze. Waze is primarily a navigation tool, and one of the best Google Maps alternatives around. And in 2017, Waze started offering hands-free navigation for drivers.

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