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Want to Edit Your Tweets? Twitter Won’t Let You

by Dave Parrack

If you were hoping to be able to edit your tweets anytime soon then we have some bad news for you. Because Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has suggested that it’s “probably never” going to happen. So, while it isn’t impossible, it’s highly unlikely.

A Brief History of the Twitter Edit Button

Ever since Twitter was launched way back in 2006, users have been asking for an Edit button. It’s easy to see why. We all make mistakes, whether it’s as simple as making a typo or as serious as expressing an opinion that you later regret airing in public.

In 2017, Jack Dorsey stated that Twitter was thinking about letting users edit their tweets. Then, in 2019, he suggested it was still a work in progress, telling Joe Rogan that the company was trying to figure out how to add an Edit button without ruining Twitter.

Jack Dorsey Won’t Let You Edit Your Tweets

Now, Dorsey has broached the subject again, but not in a good way. In a video Q&A with Wired, Dorsey discussed the possibility of adding an Edit button to Twitter. Asked whether we’ll be getting an Edit button in 2020, he simply says, “No”.

He then goes onto explain why Twitter has never let users edit their tweets. Which is all to do with its reliance on SMS messaging in its early days. He also explains the potential pitfalls of adding an Edit button, especially with regard to retweets.

He concludes by saying, “But we’ll probably never do it”. While “never” is a strong word, the use of “probably” leaves the door open for Twitter to change its mind in the future. After all, it once decried the idea of doubling the character limit from 140 to 280.

You can see Dorsey discussing the Edit button from the 2:57 mark in the video embedded above. Fans of Twitter should probably watch the whole thing though, as there is a host of good information and interesting insights from behind the curtains at Twitter.

How to Delete All of Your Tweets Instead

Everything Dorsey says here about the pros and cons of offering users the chance to edit their tweets makes sense. However, it’s still disappointing that the naysayers at the company are winning out, and preventing us from being able to edit our tweets.

It all means that people are taking the nuclear option and deleting their tweets instead. Especially if they think they have said something in the past that could get them in trouble in the future. If that describes you then here’s how to delete all of your tweets.

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