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NS Society Monthly: Nutrient Dense Hacks

by McKel Hill
NS Society Monthly class is about ways to be more resourceful when grocery shopping, realistic ways to boost the nutrient density of any meal, ways to drink more water every day, and how much to spend on groceries per week.
March is national nutrition month so nutrition and making healthy habits around food has been top of mind with the NS community and our NS Society members!
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In this NS Society Monthly Class McKel answers…

  • Kim Anne from our members-only Facebook group asked: “how much should you spend on groceries every week?” We cover tips for eating healthy on a budget and more ways to be resourceful with grocery shopping.
  • Amy asked, “I have a challenge with staying consistent with grocery shopping – one month I’m going each week and the next I get thrown off by a busy work week or other things then I’m getting takeout all the time. Do you have any tips on how to be consistent with grocery shopping?”
  • Jamie asked, “I feel like I eat pretty healthy, do you have any tips to add superfoods or more nutrients to my food?”
  • Tiffany asked, “How can I stay hydrated during the day?”
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